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The Inside Scoop and Tricks of the Interviewing Process And How To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession By Knowing Your Unique Story. Here’s How

Adelphi University esteemed business school, MBA and Under Graduate students learning about the Hero’s Journey of finding their dream careers by first finding themselves with Debra Olshan Cooper, Founder of YourCareerDesignLab

Entrepreneurship is hard, but telling your story doesn't have to be. As a young entrepreneur, it is critical to know who you are first. In this interactive virtual meet-up, learn from renowned branding expert, Founder & Principal at Your Career Design Lab, Debra Cooper! You will hone in on your value and storytelling capacities through actionable personal branding and strategic life-building experiences so you can define your next step on your entrepreneurial journey.

College Life Into Real Life WEBINAR: How To Find, Build, and Craft Your Unique Story.
Find out who you are and where you want to go to find your dream career.


This is a 4-part Webinar Series brought to you by the Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation.

Do you know what your past 4 years of college have made of you? Do you know how to tell your story?  Find out how one of YourCareerDesignLab’s clients found her story and garnered a career from knowing how to tell it. 

Let’s craft that story into your unique voice. Meet DeMarco White of House of Blues Music Forward LIVE NATION who will tell his story and what it takes to make it in the music and entertainment biz.

Do you know how to reach out on LInkedin? Do you know how to go for the “ask.” Meet Linkedin guru Shira Lotzar who takes you step by step how to reach out to alumni, friends, family and others to land your dream career.

Welcome to the last webinar of the series. Tonight we discuss the do’s and don’t of creating a branded resume. Meet Mike Myles Content creator for CBS shows including Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, The Grammy awards and so much more. His story will transform the way you present yourself.

When your passion is your profession and your purpose is to share it with today’s young adults finding their journey. Thank you HOB Music Forward Foundation for giving me the platform to educate and enlighten career dreamers.

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