Career Coaching Sessions start at $175.00 per hour

(2 hour minimum per session)

YOUR CAREER DESIGN LAB was created to architect, design and curate yourself to self discovery of who you are and where you want to go. We help you find yourself in ways you have never dreamed. We are NOT your college advisors or your typical college counselors. We use psychological and mindful modalities to excavate WHO you are and what moves your soul and makes you truly happy. We help you to turn your authentic self  into a story that tells who you really are. We work with you to discover your true passions and turn them into a paycheck. 

  • Discover yourself through a “TA DA” list of what makes you smile

  • Excavate you through Basic, psychological and career proprietary questions that every potential employer WILL ask you. 

  • Build a branded resume and cover letter

  • Turn the questions into a story

  • Role Play Your Story to turn interviews into conversations

  • Cast The Net by arranging informational/ interviews

  • Land Your Dream Career


If these thoughts have crossed your mind, it might be time to call YourCareerDesignLab and allow us to be your GPS to finding your direction. For all high schoolers who are confused about their choices, there is a direction to take you on your journey. Can you answer the following?

  • Who Am I?

  • Where do I go from here? 

  • What college direction should I go in? 

  • My friends are going to XYZ school, but I don’t feel its the right fit for me? 

  • I don’t know if college is for me. 

  • Maybe taking a Gap year is the right move, but what would I do? 

  • I want to get “real world” experience how do I go about doing it, what kind of  job can I get  if I am in high school?

Career Coaching Sessions start at $175.00 per hour ( 2 hour minimum per session).


Career Coaching Sessions start at $175.00 per hour ( 2 hour minimum per session).

You are in college, now what? 

  • Which direction do I go in? 

  • Is the major I chose the right one? 

  • How do I find out about internships? 

  • Can I get a job this summer?


Do you have a branded resume, do you know your story? Let YourCareerDesignLab help you navigate your next four years and help you to begin to write your story. 


how to go from college life to real life

Career Coaching Sessions start at $175.00 per hour ( 2 hour minimum per session).

How do I take my past four years of college course work, community service, extra-cirrikculars, jobs, internships and turn them into a story?


  • Do you need a branded resume?

  • Do you need to know the right way  to network and make connections through LinkedIn and social media?

  • How do I write an email asking for an informational/interview?

  • I want to pursue my passions but how do I turn them into a paycheck?

  • How do I turn an interview into a conversation?


I am ready for a new career journey, how do I make a turn?

Career Coaching Sessions start at $175.00 per hour ( 2 hour minimum per session).

I graduated 2-4 years ago and am feeling stuck, how can I get back on the road to my dream career?


  • Are you feeling stuck in your current career?

  • Not feeling appreciated in your current career?

  • Can you help with my resume, I haven’t written one in a long time?

  • I need to have someone make connections on my behalf. I have lost many of my connections. Can you help?



I am ready for a change, how can I turn it into something more fulfilling now?

Career Coaching Sessions start at $175.00 per hour ( 2 hour minimum per session).

Have you been thinking long and hard of how you can make that Transformational Transition from being in the same field you have been for the past 20 years into something more fulfilling now?


  • Are you ready for a change? 

  • Are you ready to find your passion and put it to a paycheck that is more than a paycheck but getting paid to pursue your purpose?

  • Have you been wondering after years in the same career what your true purpose is and how you can find it?

  • Are you ready for a career change and need some assistance in making the change and perhaps opening some new doors?

YourCareerDesignLab is changing the trajectory of many of you who are finding that what you have found yourself doing for the past 20 years is not as fulfilling as it once way coming out of college.

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