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Debra Cooper, founder of the Your Career Design Lab has cultivated a team of young women who are creating accessible resources for seniors living in New York during this global Covid-19 pandemic.

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Thoughts on Self-Recognition: “True entrepreneur leaders know who THEY are and from there they can create their vision with insight and clarity.”


Founder of YourCareerDesignLab, Debra shares the importance of recognizing inner entrepreneurial prowess. 

Debra Olshan Cooper: Architect, Designin

Today we live in an era where the pressure to get into college is so extreme some students start planning their A.P. course load and extracurricular agenda in middle school. But what about the crucial moment when college is over and students are left feeling aimless with a degree they worked so hard for? This is where Debra Olshan Cooper steps in. 


The academic-camp trend is spurred on by the college-admissions process, says Debra Olshan Cooper, founder of a career-coaching company for undergrads, Your Career Design Lab. Admissions officers often look for niche activities on kids’ applications. But none of these camps will do the kids any good if they’re too burnt out to succeed in college, the New York- and Florida-based coach argues. For those reasons, she says, “the parenting style of coddling, and laying out the golden brick road to the land of Oz, is backfiring.”


At YourCareerDesignLab it is our goal to set you on your way to career success. According to the New York Post article on Gen Z, Cooper states, 

“You don’t get a raise because you exist. It’s something you earn.”

She blames the eyebrow-arching stats on poor parenting — “No one’s told them no,” she says — and FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out. “They’re looking at their friends who have better jobs, and trying to compete instead of looking at the job at hand.”

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