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So happy to have had a most incredible conversation about YourCareerDesignLab with podcast host and now dear friend Sandy Joy Weston on your show Let's Keep It Real. Boy, did we ever.

Episode 54: Turn Your Story Into an Amazing Career with PR Expert and Founder of Your Career Design Lab, Debra Olshan Cooper

All Things College & Career - Episode 54

It took me a long time to become a Super Girl! Thank God there are people like Jeanne McPhillips host of The Hero Whispers and SuperGirlls, a platform for college age students from college life to real life. 

With that being said, please listen to podcast on I-Heart radio and hear how you can become a Super Girl and find your super career! Learn how to turn your passion into a paycheck! Now that would be SUPER!

Episode 107 - Let's Keep It Real
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